YA Book Review: The Crossover

Do yourself a favor and pick up Kwame Alexander’s book, The Crossover, ASAP!

I ordered a class set of this novel (without having read it prior) because I heard it was phenomenal. When it’s the end of the school year and book lists are due (along with report cards, supply lists, etc.) I do not always have time to devote to selecting the next year’s novels.


I am beyond happy that my students will have the pleasure of reading this book, and for a few reasons:

1.) It’s written as a series of poems that tell a story. This makes the task of reading a book less daunting for those reluctant readers.

2.) It’s broken up into three parts. Again, this makes the entire book seem less of a chore for students, but it also provides a pre-determined reading guide if you like to assign sections to students.

3.) It’s about basketball. How many of your middle school students aspire to be NBA players?! This book not only appeals to sports fanatics, but has sub-plots (love, jealousy, etc.) that any teen can relate to.

4.) Boys will love it. Boys are usually a tough crowd when it comes to books. Not only are the main characters boys in Crossover, but the book is centered around family and friend relationships that boys can closely relate to.

This is my first time reading anything by Kwame Alexander and I’m definitely excited to read other works by him. Whenever I do a unit on poetry, students moan and groan. Perhaps this school year they will hum a different tune.


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