If you read anything other than your Instagram feed, then you have most likely heard of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) strike that is happening across the ocean. School budgets are the main reason for the strike, but pay and teacher workload are also a concern.

No surprise there. Teachers have been working in under-resourced buildings with little pay for years. So, there’s that.

Of course, teachers are the bad guys here. Because the strike is really hurting the children. Then again, using textbooks that are not relevant  and have pages missing is preferable? Hm.

The Queen makes a good point:

Screenshot 2016-07-05 07.47.21

Perhaps my years as a teacher have hardened me. Or maybe I really am the Ice Queen. Regardless, none of is news to me. People, especially media, policy makers, and those who have zero educational background, yet make serious decisions about education, like to blame teachers. It’s fun, really. Teachers are easy targets and everyone knows we can’t afford top-notch lawyers, so we will never fight or sue. And let’s face it, we’re replaceable. There are millions of recent grads who are dying to nab our jobs for much less pay.

Unfortunately, striking is the sometimes only way the real issues teachers face will ever get publicized. Even then, some view it as a form of complaining. I’ve never personally participated in a strike, but I have done my fair share of complaining.

The problem is, in order to eradicate change, there needs to be a shift in power. The people who hold the power (and the money) are not teachers; most of them have never been a teacher. That’s like me being a chef despite having no formal cooking experience or knowledge of how slice an onion (there is a specific way…youtube it). Would you trust me to create a menu for a 5-star restaurant? Better yet, would you eat it?

Until people wise-up and realize that teachers are the best people to lead teachers, strikes will remain a constant. However, with teacher action groups, unions and the like popping up all over the world, perhaps the state of education will slowly continue to glean more attention.


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