Sunday Book Review – Say What You Will

One thing that is missing from YA literature is the presence of characters with differences. However, this is not the case in Cammie McGovern’s book, Say What You Will. In this case, cerebral palsy and OCD plague the main characters.

Amy, who has CP, is determined to enjoy her senior year despite a mother who appears overprotective. Peer helpers are “hired” to replace Amy’s one-on-one aide at school. Here, she meets Matthew, who she learns has some serious OCD issues.


Over the course of the book, Amy and Matthew become close, each relying on the other. Since this is a YA book, there are love interests, heart breaks and some far-fetched drama. As an adult, the ending seemed to be quite a stretch, but for teens, the events transpire in that hopeful way we all wish happened with our first loves.

I enjoyed this book and I especially liked the imperfections of the characters, which is certainly relatable to any teen (and adult!) Some of the text is written in emails sent between Amy and Matthew, which may even spark interest in teens who are hesitant to read!

There’s discussion of sex, so this is probably a book for older teens (although it’s not graphic by any means). Overall, an enjoyable book!


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